Hi Everyone!!! My name is Maria Asusena, and welcome to my blog. For those of you that used to follow me in my 2012 blogging days, WELCOME BACK!!

I’ll keep this short & simple. Welcome to my new site I started restarted my Blog. Made this blog as I am fashion obsessed & want to express this through images and a way for me to show you guys my creativity and what I like. I have a love for fashion, and beautiful things, hair, makeup, fitness, my travels. I LOVE to travel and am always influenced and motivated by the world of fashion,...I am a girly girl & love all things hair, makeup & fashion. If there is anything you guys want me to blog about, or do a video on, comment it on this post by clicking the link at the top! I have missed you guys so much, welcome back! Hope you enjoy my blog :)

~Love Maria