We love Bobbi Brown’s range of wearable shades and high quality products, and her Long-Wear Brow Gels are no exception. But where does it stand in the spectrum of eyebrow needs? Here’s what we thought:

What it is: A waxy, tinted brow gel housed in a sleek mini, black compact.
What it does: With the help of a brow brush, waxy pigmented gel can easily help fill in sparse areas of the brows.
What we loved: True to the Bobbi Brown spirit, this is best for a more natural approach to brows. The combo of pigment and beeswax helps achieve a natural, fuller look. It feels a bit like pomade for brows. We found it’s best for filling in sparse areas of the brows without looking like overkill. The color range (17 total) are also very close to natural hair colors (we love Saddle for brunettes) and shades for highlights to give hair the look of texture.
What we didn’t like: While great for filling in brows, because of its waxy nature, it’s not the best for buildable, detailed work (such as defined strokes mimicking the look of natural hairs). A good pick if you’re looking for a little more volume with a more natural approach to brows. Also note, while it is water-, sweat-, and humidity- resistant, it can still rub off by mistake.
Price: $26
Availability: bobbibrowncosmetics.com
Source: http://hudabeauty.com
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