Happy weekend friends! I am working with a new company a line of stylish handbags. This week I met with Phuong Mai, she is the founder of P.MAI. Phuong Mai, has a lovely collection.

According to acked.com "Backpacks are totally having a moment, and your shoulders couldn't be happier about it. Though you shouldn't actually tote more than 10% of your body weight on one shoulder, most of us are lugging much, much more than that in our oversized carryalls. Switching to a backpack means distributing weight evenly across the shoulders, and preventing pain, discomfort, and super-weird alignment issues. Of course, that posture-positive information leads to a much bigger question: Which backpack is right for you? Enter, P. Mai, a new San Francisco backpack maker that's hoping to find its way onto your shoulders in the near future.

P. Mai claims to have "created a smarter, more tailored solution that redefines the meaning of backpack." Planned in both black and cognac, the backpacks are sleek and minimalist, combining both calf leather and water-resistant synthetic fibers. Unlike most fashion backpacks, the straps are airmesh, (similar to what you probably rocked as some point in your life with a Jansport or North Face). At $389 each, the bags aren't cheap, but the price isn't bad considering the quality. (The brand brags that it's manufacturing in the same factory as Tumi.) "