Okay, so anyone who has followed me over the years, attended my masterclass, and so much as asks me about skincare knows I am obsessed with the OroGold 24K Deep Peeling Mask! Yes, I have written about it years ago, but it’s quite shocking to me, that after all this time, it is still my absolute go to before applying makeup! Why? Well because it is hands down my favorite SUPERFICIAL scrub! What that means is that it doesn’t go deep, but does remove the surface layer of dead skin (that sometimes emulates peach fuzz), allowing for super close makeup-to-skin contact that quick frankly just looks better! 
I had discovered it in complete skepticism walking through the mall, passing a concession stand. The woman squirted a large size gold-ish “gunk” on my hands, as if I had actually wanted it there in the first place. Not gonna lie, it was one of the best things she could have done (for the both of us, since I purchased what was generously a life-time supply). Since then it has been my absolute staple in my makeup bag and my clients have loved it!

Who should use it: I’ve used this on all kinds of clients, from oily to dry and acne prone, as well as clients with skin disorders like Rosacea. I def always recommend consulting a doctor if you have any skin concerns. 
How to use it: Apply 2-3 squirts of the product to dry skin. Then lightly use circular motions until scrub starts to take effect. You will first feel a slightly gel like texture that will become watery, then the peeling begins. 
What I don’t like: Since it does seem to have skin softening properties, it’s really easy to get your dead skin stuck onto any hairs on your skin. I do recommend using a razor to shave away any peach fuzz for anyone daring enough (I do this all the time) to help avoid this issue. If you have longer facial hair and want to skip shaving you may find yourself picking & pulling pieces of dead skin out of your facial hair.

Source: http://hudabeauty.com/2016/11/23/underrated-beautyis-this-your-answer-to-better-makeup-application/